Bespoke guided tours 

My love for travel, studying and storytelling is what made me become a Tour Guide.

But what spurs me everyday to discover new treasures, new stories and follow new paths to understand the places where I live, are other people's personal interests.

That's why instead of offering traditional fixed tours and itineraries, and before making any proposal, I ask my guests what they expect from visiting my Country and its gems .

Whether you are a guerrilla gardener with a passion for Italian fashion, an opera singer with a specific interest in the rivalry between Guelphs and Ghibellines, a surgeon with a deep love for stone mosaics or you are traveling with kids hooked on games, disclosing your dreams and goals is the first step to design your unique experience. You'll be surprised to learn how a visit to the Uffizi, a time travel through ancient times, a stroll following the scent of "the city of flowers" or a relaxing city sightseeing will address your needs directly.

Special conditions and giveaways are available for Suite Florence, Villa Il Cerretino and Palazzo Aldobrandini del Papa guests.