Enjoy your holiday, eat at home

Treat yourself and care for your friends and family.

You don't rent a villa in the countryside to spend all the day and the evenings driving a car. What you dream after a whole day visiting cities and surroundings is to go back home, have a swim in the swimming pool, take a shower and then drink a refreshing aperitivo while enjoying the sunset. And maybe the morning after, wake up with a sumptuous breakfast freshly prepared with a huge selection of homemade delicacies.

With a Personal Chef your dream becomes true: you don't have to go shopping, store the fridge, discover that you are running out of Prosecco and coffee when the closest shop is 5 miles away and already closed, you don't have to cook for everybody and end up eating cold cuts and cheese for evenings in a row! Nor do you have to search for a restaurant every evening, or try to make a last minute reservation when everyone is fully booked. Don't be the one that can't drink that delicious Chianti Classico Riserva because you have to drive!

Surprise your partner with a romantic candlelight dinner at home.

Whether you are in Italy to celebrate a special occasion of it's the trip you have been dreaming about for the whole winter, one thing is sure: it was love at the first sight with that cozy apartment in the very center of the city and its terrace that offers a stunning 360° view on Florence. You rented it and when you finally arrived, you found out you made the right choice. With it's intimate atmosphere, this is the ideal setting for romance and you'd like the idea of an elegant candlelight dinner at home. 

At this point you can choose a food delivery, of course, or try to prepare the dinner by yourself. But imagine the charm if you have a discreet Personal Chef setting the table, taking care of the dinnerware and table decorations, cook and serve a special menu totally tailored for you, paired with a selection of fine wines while all you have to do is let the enchantment do its work.

Should you be interested in a full time service for the duration of your stay or you want a simple welcome dinner just to find some snacks, drinks, fresh fruit and veggies at your arrival after a 12 hours flight, a Personal Chef is the best solution with an excellent and surprising price/quality ratio

All the dishes of my menu are from the Italian tradition; I use only in season fresh ingredients and as many as possible local products. The only thing you have to tell me is what would you like to eat, which ingredients you hate, if there are any food allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions and I'll send you several proposals studied to fit your specific wishes. I can take care of all your dietary requirements: if you need a gluten free service, I'm glad to inform you that I'm a trained and certified chef for gluten-free cooking.

Special conditions and giveaways are available for Suite FlorenceVilla Il Cerretino and Palazzo Aldobrandini del Papa guests.